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Welcome to YUMO!

Founded in 2007, YUMO is a leading brand specializing in the production of high-quality collector rings. With a dedication to excellence and innovation, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trusted supplier in the industry.

Regarding us:

We are a professional provider of slip ring manufacturing and solutions. For many years, we have been committed to providing high-quality and reliable slip ring technology for various applications. Whether you need simple rotary connections or complex data transmission solutions, we have a professional team and advanced technology to meet your needs.

At YUMO, we understand the importance of delivering reliable and efficient solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our primary focus is on manufacturing top-notch collector rings, which are used to transmit power and electrical signals in various applications. From industrial machinery to wind turbines, our collector rings are designed to provide seamless energy transfer, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

We take pride in our commitment to quality. Every YUMO collector ring undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure it meets the highest standards. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and operated by skilled technicians, guaranteeing precision and consistency in every product we deliver.

At YUMO, we value long-term partnerships built on trust and mutual success. We strive to establish strong relationships with our customers by providing exceptional service and support throughout their journey with us. Our dedicated team of professionals is ready to assist you in product selection, customization, and after-sales service, ensuring that your specific requirements are met with utmost satisfaction.

Our strengths:

Leading technology: We adopt the most advanced processes and materials to ensure that our slip rings are industry-leading in terms of performance and reliability.

Customized solution: We can customize the slip ring according to the specific needs of customers to meet the requirements of various applications.

High quality assurance: We strictly control product quality, and each slip ring undergoes strict testing and quality inspection to ensure its excellent performance.

Multi field applications: Our slip rings are widely used in various industries, including mechanical manufacturing, medical equipment, aerospace, automotive industry, etc.


As a global brand, YUMO serves customers in various industries and geographic locations. Our extensive network of distributors and partners allows us to provide efficient and timely delivery worldwide.

We thank you for choosing YUMO as your trusted partner in collector rings. Whether you require standard products or custom solutions, our team is here to serve you. Experience the reliability and performance of YUMO collector rings today.

Thank you for visiting our website to learn more about us. We look forward to establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with you!


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